Micah McRae is Keynote Speaker at DICEP 2021 on September 16th

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Pile driving business owner Micah McRae shares a personal account about an incredibly challenging project that nearly collapsed his business. Through unwavering determination, he overcame the setbacks and ultimately did what was right. Don’t miss this moving story that involves unforeseen challenges, near-disastrous developments, financial perils, work force shortages, and an incredibly difficult environment; Micah […]

Safety Culture

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I’m pretty proud of the safety culture in our company.  Not to speak arrogantly on the subject, but we have a proven safety program that has been extremely successful.  You know what, I’ll brag a little bit! We actually have zero recordable injuries. We have an extremely low EMR that has afforded us compliments and […]

Union Force

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Unions. You say the word and instantly everyone has an opinion. Some people have an irreverent, generationally developed opinion in favor of them. The other side of that may quip in sarcastic, derogatory remarks. As we operate across the country, it’s been quite a ‘hands-on’ learning experience. These experiences have formed my personal opinions about […]


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People of passion provide inspiration for everyone else to see.  Of all the character attributes I crave to have on our team, passion is one that I’ll take over others.  With passion, team members will overcome obstacles they couldn’t otherwise. Passion will inspire innovation and improvement.  Passion will perfect the culture of success and winning. […]

High Functioning Team

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Let’s be real honest.  Sometimes we know we have a strong team.  Other times, we know we have a weak team.   Regardless, the team has a job to do and the quality still has to hit its mark.  Ultimately, it’s the leader’s responsibility to ensure that quality assurance is intact, regardless of the team’s […]

Good Attitude, Never Quit

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So, here I am writing this blog, reflecting on a particular project.     Day 1, within the first 20 minutes of drilling we mangle our only bit on steel rebar we discovered…  This of course shuts us down as we over-night a new, $500 bit for the next day. Day 2, we rent a […]

Customer Service

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This isn’t a totally shameless promotional blog. On the other hand, maybe we let anyone reading this be the judge. The team is taking time off from Christmas to New Years. We have wanted to do this for years. This year, we’re making it happen. Our team has been full speed ahead and has certainly […]

Fraudulent Contractors

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Something I’ve grown really tired of having to hear about is contractors taking advantage of customers, primarily residential customers. You’ve probably heard it before. “I gave them a deposit for the materials, and they never showed up”. Over my years in this business, I’ve heard this several times. It’s incredibly sad and embarrassing for my […]

Labor Strategy

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Creative hiring and recruitment was not a strategy I was ever taught by any of my mentors, advisors, or business classes.  Sales and cash management have been the primary challenges that have preoccupied my every waking moment as a small business owner of more than 10 years.  Finding quality people simply hadn’t been the challenge […]