People of passion provide inspiration for everyone else to see.  Of all the character attributes I crave to have on our team, passion is one that I’ll take over others.  With passion, team members will overcome obstacles they couldn’t otherwise. Passion will inspire innovation and improvement.  Passion will perfect the culture of success and winning. Perhaps passion, and passion alone can aid in pulling teams past challenges that appear impossible.


The past month, I have seen a remarkable passion from my team!  I have witnessed comradery and team work. I have noted excellent communication and organization.  I’ve been complimented on our thoroughness and professionalism, from customers and outside stakeholders.  I’ve also noticed the high quality output that my team demands. I’ve been impressed with us! Here are a couple of recent examples.


I’ve witnessed how proactive our team has been on safety management.  Now, every company talks the talk about safety. But I’m proud that we recently earned an industry leading safety metric, which we’re told is extremely rare!  This EMR, or ‘experience modifier rate’ is a measure of injuries in comparison to hours worked. From my vantage point, the only way this has been achieved is by my team’s diligence and thoroughness for working to ensure no one is hurt on our jobs!  Safety is a passion of my team and it’s evident in our company’s culture.


I worked on a specific job this past month that we estimated to be an easy, in-and-out job.  It was fairly typical, close to home, and therefore we sent a skeleton crew to be efficient. As luck would have it, that’s not how this one played out.  The site conditions weren’t what was expected. It was also uncomfortably cold, and we were directly on the projects critical path. It was immediately evident that this would be tougher than expected.  But without a minutes delay, additional resources were mobilized, additional tooling located, and we were able to stay on the schedule, without missing a beat. My favorite part was the attitude from the team.  They were phenomenal, as always! It was our job, and we were going to do the best that can be done. Passion prevailed!


I’m also on a quote kick lately.  I find a lot of inspiration from quotes.  I have to assume, each quote originated during a time of wisdom, peril or jubilation for whomever got the credit for the quote.


“Passion is so key in leading and creating excellence that I will hire passion over education and talent every time.” Dave Ramsey