Environmental Responsibility

So my boss told me I needed to whip up a new blog post.  While I do enjoy my creative writing opportunity, I was blank.  I thought I had a note in my phone for blog topics. One topic that struck a chord was titled ‘Lead by Example’.  I thought about this note and here is what I came up with.


I take my position of community and business leadership seriously and am aware that my company and I are always being watched.  And regardless of whether I have any real influence at all, I do try to be as positive and environmentally responsible as possible.  This includes monetary and time expenditures to properly dispose of waste, sourcing responsibly, planning efficient operations, designing efficiently and putting extra effort towards being responsible towards my community and my planet.  


But in recent months, I’ve noticed a feeling of hopelessness about our environment and the sad state it’s in.  An unfortunate feeling that all of the worlds efforts are in vain. Aside from science and any political views, my outlook on our planet has recently seamed darker to me than ever.  This is a stark contrast to my innate sense of optimism and exuberance.


I certainly have no answers.  I don’t have very many good ideas to solve any of the world’s challenges.  At the end of the day, I am grateful for what I’ve been given, the position that I’ve grown into and an awareness that I have a responsibility to lead by example in everything I do.  I’m anxious and ready to develop new roles and methods to improve our community and our environment for the better. I look forward to some fresh inspiration of how I can make a real difference that carries some power for the betterment of our planet.