Customer Service

This isn’t a totally shameless promotional blog. On the other hand, maybe we let anyone reading this be the judge.

The team is taking time off from Christmas to New Years. We have wanted to do this for years. This year, we’re making it happen. Our team has been full speed ahead and has certainly earned some family time. However, as vacations typically go, we have had to hustle to free up a full week on the calendar. This has included working weekends, overnights, and scheduling with minimal to no float time between projects. Let me tell you how our team has taken unprecedented steps to take care of the customer in the looming face of shrinking deadlines.

On one such project, manufacturer delays eliminated the two days of float time we had hoped to have prior to even starting the week long project. On day #2, we broke a piece of specialty pile driving equipment. With specialty equipment rentals being tough to source on no notice, we elected to repair it ourselves. To do this, I, the owner of the company, had to drive two states away, four hours one way to pick up parts from the factory, make the return trip, and then put together a third-shift crew to make the needed repairs. All for the purpose of ensuring production could continue the following cold and snowy morning.

The following day, we learned that our final order of materials hit a back-order status. We were told our materials wouldn’t be available for two weeks! Our customer, of course, didn’t find that at all acceptable. Thanks again to our incredibly dedicated and persistent team, we took that lemon and made lemonade for our customer, yet again. Lemonade production isn’t easy! This one consisted of making arrangements for distributors to source a material substitution and then convincing my dad into a weekend truck drive for me! He had to pick up materials from a factory five states away and meeting us at a half way point to transfer the load. And on a weekend no less! (Thanks Dad!)

You want to know what customer service is? Do you really want to know what sets us apart from our competitors? It’s exactly these day-to-day actions of our team. Many will talk about it. I feel there are very, very few people that truly put it all on the line for their customers as we do! Self-promotion? Yep. It’s still a fact though and it’s rare in the construction business.