New Foundation Construction

New Foundation Construction


Helical Piers are removable and reusable, making them as permanent or as temporary as the building or structure they support. Because there are no concrete piers to cure, the building foundation can be placed upon the piles immediately after installation. Helical Piers allow the building to be securely placed upon sloped and uneven surfaces. Our helical piers have a cross-bolt design which allows for deep foundations to reach stable soils.

Round Shaft Advantage

In applications where compression or tension is the primary consideration, we recommend our round shaft piers. In Compression, our round shaft helical has several advantages over the typical square shaft helical anchor. Some round shaft advantages are:

In compression:
  • Superior lateral stability
  • Greater section modulus strength to resist twisting and deflection
  • Patented cross-bolt connection
  • Greater load capacities


In tension:
  • Greater yield and tensile strength
  • Patented cross-bolt connection
  • Increased safety factor
  • Higher torque capacity


Square Shaft Disadvantage

Many piering companies use square shaft piers which have significant disadvantages to our round shaft piers. Disadvantages include decreased lateral stability and more soil disturbance around the shaft.

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