If you are looking for trusted equipment, cannot waste time on curing, and require a low noise and vibration free foundation solution, we at Innovative Piering have the answer.

With our environmentally friendly construction process, our piering systems are suitable for use when working close to nature such as in the commercial construction of boardwalks, wetland construction, and sea walls. The minimal soil disturbance makes less of an impact on fragile ecosystems, as well as no toxicity (lime, cement or concrete) to the water table.

Possible projects may include, but not limited to:
  • Pole Bases and communication towers
  • Utility and pipeline tie downs
  • Tiebacks and wall anchors
  • Deep foundation Piers for new construction
  • Underpinning commercial structures
  • Boardwalks, Bulkheads and Sea Walls
  • Temporary and reusable wall anchors
  • Slope stabilization
  • Shoring
  • Concrete-less foundations
  • Many, many more!


Hercules Pile

Due to load capacity and tolerances, traditional helical piering customers are limited to residential and light commercial applications. This is not the case with the Hercules Pile. Hercules Pile are used as a high capacity load bearing, transferring system in commercial, industrial and residential settings. Because of their large weight bearing capabilities, Hercules Piles reduce the installation time of foundation systems. They provide support for up to 500 tons!

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