Past Projects

Deep Foundation Repair Project - Delano, Minnesota - Innovative Piering

Project #11025: Delano High School

Location: Delano, Minnesota

Innovative Piering, LLC was contracted to design and build a shoring solution.


Delano Case Study

Martin County High School Foundation Project - Inez, Kentucky - Innovative Piering

Project #11043: Martin County High School

Location: Inez, Kentucky

Innovative Piering was contracted to furnish and install 68 micopiles to support foundation grade beams along the southern perimeter.

New School Project Case Study

Coffer Dam Construction - Patoka Station, Illinois - Innovative Piering

Project: #11041- Sheet Pile Coffer Dam

Location: Patoka Station, Illinois

In order to construct the 25’ wide and 80’ long
cofferdams, a waler template frame was constructed
on shore from W16 X 79# beams.

Sheet Pile Coffer Dam Case Study

Residential Foundation Repair - New Albany, Indiana - Innovative Piering

Project: #10676 - Residential Foundation

Location:  New Albany, Indiana

"Previous repairs to the existing foundation failed to stabilize this steel reinforcement deficient foundation."

Moss Creek 2013-1

Project: #10701 - Patio Supports

Location:  Louisville, Kentucky

"The homeowners association wanted to be sure that this would be the final repair."

D Patrick Porsche Case Study-1

Project: #10789 - New Construction Foundation

Location:  Evansville, Indiana

"The Innovative Piering pile driving crew installed approciamtely 30 - 40 piles per day..."

Boston Solar Case Study -1

Project: #10872 - Solar Panel

Location:  Dunstable, Massachusettes

"...needed a reliable partner that specialized in the installation of helical piers for ground mounted solar panels..."

TMMI Case Study-1

Project: #10876 - Automotive Industry

Location:  Princeton, Indiana

"...included underpinning, tie-backs and a shot-crete retaining wall."

Fort Wayne Case Study-1

Project: #10937 - WWTP Tank Anchoring

Location:  Fort Wayne, Indiana

"Helical anchors, installed by Innovative Piering, were used to combat buoyancy uplift for an underground tank..."

Zionzville Boardwalk Case Study-1

Project: #10965 - Boardwalk Foundations

Location:  Zionsville, Indiana

"The boardwalks would provide approximately 435 linear feet of elevated walkways."

FTW tiebacks -case-study-1

Project: #10969 - WWTP Anchoring

Location:  Fort Wayne, Indiana

"Tie-backs were required to laterally support an existing underground aeration tank."

Dudee Medical Case Study-1

Project: #11034 - Medical Building

Location:  Georgetown, Indiana

"Lateral support of the exterior foundation walls required 2 methods of anchoring: helical tiebacks and grouted rock anchors."

Blanton House Case Stude - Innvative Piering

Blanton House

Location: Louisville, Kentucky

"One of the toughest constraints to the whole project was the compact working room."

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